Polar Spring WaterOur Spring Water History: 

Polar Beverages has been supplying the Northeast with Polar Natural Spring Water since 1882. It all started with the J.G. Bieberbach Company, who sold mineral water, seltzer water and ginger ale out of Worcester, Massachusetts.

In 1916, Denis M. Crowley, the great-grandfather of the present owners of Polar Beverages, purchased the wholesale bottling division of the Bieberbach firm. In 1918, Mr. Crowley purchased the Leicester Polar Spring Company, successor to the Arctic Polar Spring Company. The combined business became known as the Bieber Polar Ginger Ale Company.

In the early years of the company, sales of bottled water accounted for a large percent of Polar's business. The addition of the Leicester Polar Spring Company was important to the business because its assets included the rights to the use of a spring in Spencer, Massachusetts, which provided an abundant source of pure spring water. Because of the exceptional quality of the spring water, flavored soft drinks were then added to the plant's production.

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