Yes. Polar Beverages has proudly remained an independent, family-owned and operated business since 1882, when founder Dennis Crowley created what he considered the best-tasting bubble recipe.

Yes, you can purchase Polar beverages online. Please use our FIND tab for online retailers.

Your best bet is to ask your local grocery store manager to carry your flavor, chances are they will bring it in.

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Polar Seltzers are crafted with premium natural flavors. This means Polar uses highest grade of flavor essences that have been extracted from original food sources such as fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers. After being purified and distilled, these highly concentrated essential oils contain only the aromas and flavors, and none of the nutritional components of the original food source (which is why they are calorie-free.)

• Vegan
• Gluten-Free
• No Sodium, Color, Preservatives, Artificial Sweeteners or Preservatives

Polar Seltzer “natural flavors” do NOT contain sugar, artificial sweeteners, MSG, gluten, sodium or animal products.

Polar Seltzer, Seltzer’ades, Sparkling Dry,  Soda, Ginger Ales, Mixers and Colas do NOT contain caffeine. Polar FROST sparkling waters have the added boost of caffeine.


Our Limited Edition seltzer collections are introduced twice a year and are designed to surprise and delight. The summer collections drops on April 1st, and our winter lineup is announced October 1st.

Sometimes we even drop a few Polar® Small Batch surprises along the way.

NO, lots of brands have begun to use the word SELTZER for beverages that are actually soda, sweetened water, or even booze. Polar Seltzer is exclusively a sparkling recipe made with only three ingredients. Polar Seltzer depends on better carbonation and higher quality flavor essences and no sodium. You should look for

1. 100% Natural
2. No Sweeteners
3. No Sodium

Carbonation is a bit of an art form. The bubbles are “dissolved” into the water at near freezing temperatures and bottled without exposure to oxygen for maximum quality. For safety reasons home seltzer siphon machines cannot reach this level of carbonation (pressure, temperature, flavor).


When life gives you lemonade, make a NEW seltzer.

Polar Seltzer’ade is a collection of sparkling seltzers inspired by our favorite lemonade recipes – but without any of the guilt.

Polar Seltzer’ades are crafted with simple ingredients – the essence of fresh lemons (or limes), bubbles and triple-filtered water, plus the natural fruit flavor needed for each of the signature recipes.

No Juice
No Sweeteners
No Sugar

No! Polar Seltzer’ade are made for year round enjoyment.


Yes, all Polar Frost  sparkling waters contain caffeine.


Polar Seltzer:
Made with triple filtered water, Co2, and natural fruit flavors. No sweetener, no sodium.

Polar Club Soda:
Made with triple filtered water and added mineral salts (Potassium Citrate, Sodium Bicarbonate).

Polar Tonic Water:
Sodium Free Polar Tonic water is made with natural quinine extracted from the bark of the Cinchona tree.

Polar Vichy Water:
Made with triple filtered water and added minerals salts. Recognized for its distinctly salty taste…described as “tasting like the sea”. Polar Vichy Water traces it roots to mineral waters popular throughout the Mediterranean.

Polar Ginger Ale is crafted with 20% less sugar and 4X more real ginger flavor than leading national brands. No preservatives, sodium, or caffeine.

Sparkling Dry

Polar Sparkling Dry is a crisp sparkling fruit beverage made with 10% real juice plus natural fruit essences. Polar Dry has been around since 1934, we still have the original handwritten recipe.