Polar Beverages begins as a sparkling water company in Worcester, Ma.

Dennis Crowley begins perfects what he calls the best-tasting bubble recipe in the heart of New England


The Crowley brothers begin to sell their own Irish "Ball Brook" Whiskey from their cart. Along with the spirits, they began to craft ginger ale and club soda for their customers.


Prohibition hits New England and Dennis Crowley needs to get creative and looks to the novelty of carbonation as a way to bring people to his bar for drinks.


By the 1930's Polar Beverages has created a successful portfolio of sparkling recipes–including mineral water, seltzer, club soda, sparkling orange dry and ginger ale.

Soft drinks take over as hard drinks are banned during Prohibition


During WWII, Polar Beverages continues to operate with the help of sisters, wives and mothers of employees.


The family invests in their growing business and breaks ground on a larger production facility.


The 60's is the decade that the Polar Beverages introduces its mascot Orson. He is first installed on the roof where he still stands waving as people passing through the heart of New England.


New England's love affair with seltzer begins to really take as Polar Beverages is one of the first to add fruit flavors to the lineup.

America’s growing obsession inspires introduction of Diet Orange Dry


The current generation of Crowleys take the reigns and begin a dynamic period of growth.


Polar Beverages introduces some of our most popular seltzer recipes –including the top selling Ruby Red Grapefruit Polar Seltzer.


Our mission continues to be to surprise and delight people with our sparkling beverages

First collection of seasonal Limited Edition seltzers are introduced and sold out

Polar Seltzer’ade & SeltzerJR are launched


Our mission continues to be to surprise and delight people with our sparkling beverages