Polar Seltzer’s Summer Flavors Inspire Cocktails and Ice Cream

The day Polar Beverages makes its seasonal flavor announcement is a joyful day at the Boston magazine office, year after year. Apparently, we are not alone: Two local spots are celebrating this summer’s batch of fizzy flavors with new, refreshing treats. Beginning June 1, Viale will have an entire cocktail menu featuring Polar Seltzer, and later that month, Parlor Ice Cream’s latest pop-up will have three seltzer-inspired scoops.

“We’re about supporting local purveyors and brands, and Polar’s 2017 summer flavors are great,” says Viale co-owner and beverage director Mark Young. “We went out of our way to complement the flavors and spike them appropriately.”

The Cambridge restaurant also took the time to come up with Worcester-centric names for each drink special. From the Burncoat Mule, with Polar pineapple grapefruit seltzer, fresh lime juice, and vodka; to the Qunsigamond Sangria, with Polar’s raspberry rosé seltzer, check out the full list below.

Later in June, Jacqueline Dole will spin a few new Parlor Ice Cream flavors inspired by this summer’s batch of seltzer. It won’t be the first time the central Mass. native looked to the iconic Worcester beverage company for inspiration: One of Parlor’s go-to flavors is Polar Orange Dry. This time, she’ll bring Raspberry Rosé, Pineapple Passion, and Mango Berry ice creams. Tickets for the Parlor + Polar Social include a scoop of each flavor.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Parlor Ice Cream is launching retail distribution this summer. The packed pints will include her flagship flavors, while these Polar Seltzer riffs are a one-time-only treat. At Viale, the seltzer cocktails will continue for a to-be-determined, limited time. If you’re a Polar Seltzer lover, don’t miss these buzzy summer events.

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